Privacy Policy

Thanks for stopping by. We are going to keep this short and sweet. There are no attorney's here, or big corporation backing this. If you're here it's likely because you are either currently sponsoring or considering sponsoring one of the developers listed on the home page.

Personally Identifying Information

Any personally identifying information we collect about you is kept private and is never shared. So what is it that we do collect? Well in order to handle obvious things like authentication, and get a better idea about who our sponsors are and to be able to connect with you this site will track things from your public GitHub profile like:

  • Your name
  • Your Email (we require this to be provided if this is private on GitHub)
  • Your Company
  • Your GitHub User Id

GitHub Access

Upon logging in for the first time you will be prompted to Authorize Sponsor Connect with access to your GitHub Account. For some this may appear scary as the GitHub permissions allow access to Code, Issues, Pull Requests, Wikis, Settings, Webhooks and services, Deploy Keys, and Collaboration invites for both Public and Private repositories.

Sponsor Connect will NEVER access any of your existing public or private repos for any reason! However certain functions of Sponsor Connect currently in development and on the road map will Create NEW repositories upon your request. Those repositories will be private. Since certain features of Sponsor Connect may require access to create a private repository on your behalf, we require the additonal repo scope from GitHub.

It is also important to note that outside of your active session Sponsor Connect does not maintain any knowledge or record of token returned by GitHub. This is never stored by Sponsor Connect to ensure that your GitHub account remains secure at all times.


We may on occassion send you certain emails. These emails are essential to your use of Sponsor Connect and most are not going to be the sort of thing you can opt-out of. These emails include a welcome message and notifications for expiring, expired, or revoked NuGet Keys. Naturally if you use the contact form through the Sponsor Connect site, you may get a response from us if it is warranted. In the event that we implement a newletter style email, you will have the ability to opt-out at any time in the portal.

Other Data

In addition to this we may collect statistics on your package download use through the integrated Sponsors NuGet Feed.

  • The Package Downloaded
  • The request IP
  • The API Key used
  • The Version of the NuGet Client used

Usage information may help to give us an idea of a package's popularity and help drive conversations on tooling that helps you the most. Location based data may eventually be used to provide information we need when making decisions regarding what additional geo-redundancy we may or may not want to provide for people outside the United States.

Beyond that there really isn't anything for us to collect. We did start with the fact that we're not attorney's or a big corporation. We don't have time to deal with lots of data collection about you. Unlike Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, basically everyone you do business with, we're too busy writing code that makes your life easier. We don't give a shit and aren't here to sell your data. Cheers.


You get a cookie to maintain your authenticated session. The web needs some way to persist the fact that you've authenticated. Beyond that we dont' save cookies to your computer, we don't add tracking cookies, look for tracking cookies... again this isn't a site from some massive company like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter that is spying on you... All of that said if you would like to send Dan some Chocolate Chip Cookies we know he's all for it...

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