This site is dedicated to the developers who help to keep Open Source development Sustainable. This site was built by Dan Siegel as a resource center for those helping to make .NET Open Source Sustainable. Sponsor Connect is your source for CI packages and special Sponsor only content. We use your GitHub credentials to verify that you are an Active Sponsor of one of the participating OSS Developers on this site. Have questions about what we do with your GitHub OAuth token? Be sure to find out more in the Privacy Policy.

Not a Sponsor?

If you're not a sponsor that's alright, just click here to sign up as a GitHub Sponsor and access the great Sponsor Only benefits!

Accessing Sponsor Connect

Note: Sponsor Connect currently provides a private NuGet feed for my GitHub Sponsors. You will need to sign in with your GitHub account so that we can verify you are an active sponsor. The first time you sign in you will be asked to authorize the Sponsor Connect OAuth app. Click here to learn more about the scopes we're asking for.

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